Synergy Medical Applied and Research is fortunate to have the services of highly qualified researchers with expertise in many areas including human motor control, neurosciences, biophysics, software and hardware engineering. All personnel are currently engaged in research that is conducted in collaboration with researchers and clinicians around the world. They have a distinguished record of publishing in refereed journals such as: Experimental Neurology, Journal of Neurophysiology, Physical Therapy, Experimental Brain Research, Human Movement Science, Scientific Reports/Nature etc.

Alessander Danna-Dos-Santos PT, Ph.D.

Principal and CEO

Dr Santos’ research efforts is focused on the control and coordination of multi-element systems participating in the production of motor actions (bimanual coordination, reaching, body balance and oculomotor movements). His training is primarily on the use of a number of complementary experimental and analytical approaches ranging from measuring the electrical activity of muscles to recording body motion and forces associated with movement production. In his successful research career, he has carried out a number of studies that aimed at understanding balance abnormalities caused by peripheral neuropathies and trans-metatarsal amputations’ He has also led successfully in development of dedicated methods used for mapping and quantifying strength of multi-muscle synergies. He has been a PI and a Co-I on financially supported studies.

Sambit Mohapatra, PT, Ph.D.


Dr. Mohapatra has a broad background in neuroscience, rehabilitation sciences and physical therapy. He was a National Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation Research, Advanced Rehabilitation Research Training postdoctoral fellow where he gained expertise in working with individuals with neural injuries such as stroke and traumatic brain injury. He is also a licensed physical therapist in the State of Montana and a full privileged member at the Center for Mental Health Research and Recovery (CMHRR) at Montana State University. He also serves as a physical therapist at the Neural Injury Center at the University of Montana (NIC). His research includes investigating neurophysiological changes and developing novel interventions for individuals with TBI. He has been a PI and Co-Investigator on various university and state funded grants.


Adriana M Degani, PT, Ph.D.


Cesar F. Amorin, EE, Ph.D.


Dr. Amorim is an electrical and electronic engineer with a vast background in biophysics. His research efforts are focused on technological advancements in human movement sciences including systems of data aquisition and recording (surface EMG, force plates, force sensors), analytical software, synchronization devices, and user interfaces dedicated to signal processing and pattern recognitions. Dr. Amorin founded EMG System of Brazil in 1998 and now he brings his expertise to the United States  with the objective to aid our customers on their experimental needs and product testing. He has been working for 8 years with a PI and a Co-I on financially supported studies on the Master’s and Doctoral Programs in Physical Therapy at the University of City of São Paulo – UNICID – Brazil.

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